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Don't let your new understanding of personal growth fall on shallow ground. Learning how to become better isn't the end but rather the opening of a new portal, full of opportunities to broaden your capacity to soar.

Let's strategize on how you can continue to move the ball down the field. You will already be in motion - the gold that you'll want to cultivate is based on this formula:

Mastery is Magnetized by Momentum 

Rinse & Repeat

Refining the focus, pace, and consistency of your actions will help you optimize your course.

Text me the name of the book you completed and I'll respond with my calendar link. We can then talk about what set you on fire and what you want to do next.

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Welcome! I'm Coach Kim, a former US Army Captain, 12 year Homeschool Veteran, and lover of words. The compacted power they contain is fascinating. I use them to connect with others and enliven their very soul. Hang out with me and become skillful at choosing the right words to speak favor, goodness, and restoration into your own life. The words I share here in various works serve as an "en garde!" challenging you to move from your comfort zone to areas of greater responsibility and greater rewards.

My assignment is to help women transition into new chapters of life. Seasons come and go - it is up to you to grow and flow, in their passing. Reach out to me to explore the best options for your next move.

Buying the books is great - but applying the knowledge within, is brilliant!

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